“As an association of care givers we are offering you access to tailored care, and a small community of care givers pursuing your well-being.”

Successful Counseling Begins Here

A consultation with either Vern or Brandi will start you on your journey! We will craft a strategy for your care, and give you an idea of what the journey will entail. Then you can decide if we are the group for you.

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Out Of Your Vulnerabilities Will Come Your Strength.

Resilience, or the ability to bounce back in an appropriate amount of time, is one definition of well-being. Healthy connectedness in relationships is another barometer.

All of these stem from healthy rhythms.

It takes vulnerability to sit with someone and talk about the unhealthiness of your life and relationships. We have been there. Our hope is turn that vulnerable choice into strength and resilience in your daily life.

Meet the Team.

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Vern Salter – MA, LPCC

Vern has spent over 25 years as a vocational christian worker, both stateside and overseas.

Having received help and care in times of crises, he values the “below the waterline” work of counseling, as well as the “at the waterline” work of adopting soul care practices, relational reconciliation, and healthy rhythms in life.

With an MA in Clinical Counseling from Colorado Christian University, Vern blends professional and soul care in his perspective on providing care.

Trained in EMDR, Gottman Marriage Therapy, and Soul Care, he brings a broad scope to member care work.

He is married to Janell, and they have 3 adult children. Living in Colorado Springs, CO, they marvel at the beauty of God’s creation around them daily.


Brandi Walters – MA LPC

Brandi is a Christian Counselor who loves helping women break strongholds such as fear, control, and people pleasing, and helping women heal the root of depression, anxiety, and trauma through a closer walk with Jesus. She also enjoys helping couples prepare for marriage, improve their communication, rebuild trust after betrayal, eliminate emotional abuse, resolve sexual concerns, and hear God’s guidance together.

Brandy Walters, Counselor

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