Where Am I?

by | May 22, 2022 | Adult Counseling | 0 comments

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John sat across from me, a little dejected. “I’m here because of how I reacted to my wife in our latest argument. I need help with that. But what does this mean about where we are in our marriage? Have I totally messed up? What does this mean about me as a person?!? Where am I on the journey of adulting?!?”
Maybe you’re here reading this blog because your confused about more than the current problem? You sense that there are some “bigger” or “deeper issues” that need to be addressed if your going to be well. Often the current problem is not just something to fix, but a doorway into the deeper work. The path to addressing more core issues.

Our lives and our very selves are deep and complex. Not unlike an iceberg, only 20% is above the waterline. Our behavior and responses to others are above the waterline. This is what I can verbalize about myself. Below the waterlines are beliefs, deep hurts, and broken places. Unhealthy vows and the heart reasons I live isolated and alone.

If all I focus on healing, is the behavior above the waterline, than I have missed most of me!

Iceberg representation above and below

Trying to look into the depths of the sea of my soul and see what is below is a journey that needs others help.

This is the work and the journey that we recommend starting. You know that the place you are in now is not where you want to be. Let’s go somewhere better, together.


We meet people where they are, and walk alongside them on the journey to where they want to be.
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