Resisting Trauma’s Impact

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Board listing many forms of trauma

It’s happening…
Something has triggered you, and it’s not a choice. You are in a group, but you are suddenly feeling alone. You are disconnecting. Your’ in the medical office, and your anxiety is out of control. You lost time again, you got enraged again, your body betrayed you, again.

You think, “I’ve gotta do some trauma therapy!” and you are probably right. But did you know that your body has a system for dealing with potential trauma, and processing actual trauma? It’s all about connected relationships. The people in our lives to whom we entrust our story. Who receive us, who understand us, with whom we are safe.

“listening to one another activates our mirror neurons and resonance circuitry (Iacoboni, 2009) so that we can be said to literally begin to inhabit one another’s embodied emotional universe.” 

― Bonnie Badenoch, The Heart of Trauma: Healing the Embodied Brain in the Context of Relationships

Safety is a neurological state. It is achieved in connected relationship. Maybe you already have those relationships, and they will support your healing journey.
Possibly you need an alliance with a good therapist to relearn safety and connectedness. This is a journey we recommend you begin…


We meet people where they are, and walk alongside them on the journey to where they want to be.
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